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  • Feel comfortable being in your own skin.

  • Learn to love what you see when you look in the mirror.

  • Release judgement of your body and food.

  • Learn to eat for fun and nourishment and release the need to emotionally eat.

  • Balance your hormones for maximum weight loss, energy, good moods and sex appeal.

  • Identify where your early relationships (especially parents) have limited your self-expression and perception of your beauty.

  • Integrate daily practices that connect you to your feminine essence.

  • Dress to compliment your body, your personality and magnifying your beauty.

  • Learn natural beauty tips that keep you looking vibrant and alive!

  • Identify your feminine archetypes for greater freedom and unique self-expression.

  • Become your most beautiful, authentic self with ALL men.

  • Define and connect to your passion and unique purpose in the world.

  • Experience greater freedom and ease with yourself and others.

  • Release the “hyper-masculine” and “little girl” behaviors that block you from BEING the woman you are.

Jess Johnson

Charmaine Haworth

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Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna specializes in helping women remove the masks of self sabotage we use to cover up our essence and wholeness. She has successfully helped many women create their own path to recovery from emotional eating, addiction, and other forms of self sabotage as the founder of You are

Tamara Orras

Steph Greunke

Stephanie is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in nutrition and health promotion.  She does nutritional consulting for Robb Wolf as well as for her private practice, Rock Your Hormones.  Her passion is helping women balance their hormones naturally so that they can shine from the inside out.

Liz Cortes

Weight loss personal trainer and nutrition coach Liz Cortes empowers you to create healthy habits through fitness, nutrition, and weight loss! She personally overcome struggles around sports injuries, food allergies, and chronic pain and will teach you to have balance and fun with fitness.

Viraja Prema

Viraja is a PhD candidate in Integral Health, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and Love Coach. She is the founder of Transformational Touch and helps thousands of individuals and couples worldwide achieve true intimacy, sustainable love and sexual wholeness.

Nicole Belle

Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer brings 10 years of experience coaching couples how to get over struggling and get back to snuggling. She launched FamilyCo with her husband Peter to bring a new possibility for relationships into the world and will support you in feeling beautiful in your marriage.

Lauren Sheehan

Lauren is the founder of The Feminine Rhythm. She teaches you to embody and express your unique, potent and powerful feminine essence. She uses the medicine of movement, dance, storytelling, and play to help match your inner power with your outer expression to create the life of your dreams.

Katie McCarthy

Tanya Paluso

Michele Rooney

Elissa Prola

Elissa has a passion for fashion and all things relating to clothes! Equipped with six years of personal styling experience from Anthropologie, she is busting at the seems to get you feeling and looking like the confident, sexy woman you are!

Camille Macres

With 10 years of experience as a professional chef and a deep understanding of the healing properties of food, Camille is committed to shifting healthcare from the medicine cabinet to the pantry. She is the author of "Paleogasm: 150 Grain, Dairy, and Sugar-Free Recipes that will Leave You Totally Satisfied & Begging for More", the founder of Recipe Rx and the principle of The School of Inner Beauty.

Want something you've never had? Do something you've never done!

Love the Food that Loves You Back

Unleashing Your Creative Self-Expression

Healing Your Relationship with Food

Introduction to the Feminine

Connecting to Your Beauty in Dating

Balancing Hormones for Beauty

Fabulous Fitness for Beauty

Love, Intimacy & Sexual Wholeness

Pleasure, Play & Fun

Feeling Beautiful in Marriage

Feminine Presence, Magnetism & Expression

Creating Your Beauty Game

Tapping into Your Feminine Powers

Embodying the Goddess

Connecting Inner Beauty to Personal Style

Charmaine is the founder of Be Beauty Filled, a high end coaching practice that helps women around the world embrace their femininity, fall in love with their bodies, and have delicious relationships with men they adore. Overcoming her own battles with deeply painful and fearful beliefs about her value, her body, and her ability to relate to men, Charmaine began a journey 15 years ago that allows her to lovingly guide other women in unlocking the secrets to a life filled with joy.

Tanya is the founder and CEO of Tribal Truth, an organization that brings women together to connect with their truth, build sisterhood and create partnership with men. Tribal Truth has impacted thousands of people’s lives around the world through live and virtual events since 2010. She is the author of “Open Your Heart, Tell The Truth, Change The World”.

Grounded in the belief that people are limitless, Katie is the performance coach specializing in supporting would-be entrepreneurs in making the transition from desk jockey to self-employed. By identifying limiting beliefs that thwart progress, creating of actionable plans and accountability, Katie helps clients create the career and life they want and love now.

The founder of, Nicole teaches women how to eat what they love and still lose weight. Focusing on a “whole life” approach, Nicole helps women make their lives bigger and they can watch their waistlines become smaller and sexier.

Michele is the founder of Everyday Goddesses, a coaching practice for women to step fully into their empowered feminine radiance.  She combines over 14 years of experience as a physical therapist and yoga instructor with a deep calling for supporting women who are on the path to living passionately from their powerful feminine essence.

As the founder of Flirt with me Coaching Services, Dating Coach Tamara Orras, has over 5 years of training and development with one of the worlds leading edge personal growth and development companies.  By working with the fundamental differences between men and women, Flirt With Me's programs provide the foundation to have singles actualize the relationship they truly deserve.     

Jess is the founder of Jeans 4 Justice, a social change organization that empowers young people to create healthy, compassionate relationships with themselves and one another as a platform to heal and transform the root causes of sexual and relationship violence. She is devoted to the pathways of purpose, passion, creative expression, and intimacy as channels to our full liberation and deep contribution.  She has a gift for teaching women to freely and authentically express themselves through their voices and bodies, using song, yoga and dance as powerful modalities to uncover, embody and radiate their true essence.

Meet Your School of Inner Beauty Teachers!

Benefits of Participating Include:

Format & Application Process:



Each Monday for 15 consecutive weeks (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas) you will receive an approximately 1-hour video lesson and assignment. Every Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST we will have a group coaching/Q&A call where you will receive coaching from the beauty teachers and get your questionas about the assignments answered. You will also have access to our private Facebook group where you can ask the teachers your questions and share support with the other ladies in the group.

Application Process


We will be selecting 30 women to participate in this flagship program based on their willingness to fully participate, be coachable, and share their testimony of transformation at the end of the program. In exchange, you will receive a significant discount off of the cost of the program. Once your application is submitted, we will schedule a 30-minute call to determine whether the program is a good fit and timing for you to participate. 

Class begins 9/30/13 and runs through 1/23/13.


Jennifer Horton

Cory Michelle Johnson

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Loving Your Body & Releasing Self-Judgement

Cory Michelle is an expert in helping you release the judgment and unnecessary baggage keeping you from living a fulfilled and radiant life.  She is an Access Consciousness Certified facilitator and she travels the globe facilitating classes.

Jennifer is the founder of Xpress Xcellence and is acclaimed for her work as a life and personal success coach. Her clients quickly reach a deeply satisfying place that is a beautiful reflection of their underlying desire and values in career, relationships, work life balance, health and spirituality.